From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/28/1864, p.1, c 6

Pardoned by the President. – The following parties, who have been under sentence of death for desertion, were yesterday pardoned by the President and sent to their command: J C Chiles and C M No***, members of the 1st Texas regiment. For sometime back, while these men were in doubt with regard to their fate, they were very despondent, and had little or nothing to say to anybody; but yesterday, when informed of the action of His Excellency in the matter, they evidenced for the greatest gratification and wept for joy. Nothing could have been more gratifying to behold that the alacrity with which they embraced the order to rejoin their command, and tears were shed by them as they marched past the prison officers, who had extended to them every indulgence in their power during the protracted confinement which they had undergone. A determination to be better soldiers in future was expressed by them, and we doubt not that the resolution will be carried out to the very letter.

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