From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/15/1864, p.1, c 6

Hustings Court. – a full bench of Magistrates met yesterday and disposed of the following business:

Burwell, slave of Thos. J. Baby, charged with breaking into the store of Francis Passignio, and stealing a lot of tobacco, was convicted and ordered thirty-nine lashes.

John P Sledd, charged with buying four cows from George Drew, a free negro, knowing them to have been stolen from Dr Francis H Deane, was sent on for trial before Judge Lyons. Bail was allowed him in the sum of $5,000.

William, slave of Wm Winston, was charged with receiving a gold watch worth $1500, the property of Martha Payne, knowing it to have been stolen. After the evidence was gotten through with, it turning out that the offence was committed in Chesterfield, the Court ordered that the prisoner should be taken to that county for trial.

The Court then adjourned to meet again this morning at 11 o’clock.

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