From the Richmond Dispatch, Tuesday, November 26, 1861

Chimborazo Hospital

We learn that at the station on Chimborazo Heights there are about fifteen hundred sick.

We were informed, on a visit to the place on Sunday, that on all that day, from ten o'clock, there had not been a single stick of wood to warm the sick and shivering inmates! Sunday last was one of the bleakest days of the whole season. It was further stated that they have but two meals a day; that there is no commandant of the post, no quartermaster, no commissary, and, of course; it impossible for the chief surgeon to attend, besides his own duties, to all the matters that properly come under these departments.

This matter requires to be attended to at once. The sickness and deaths at some of our hospitals are among the most melancholy features of the war. We would be glad to see a weekly publication of the sickness, deaths, &c., at every hospital in Virginia. All the battle-fields of this war put together are not causing the havoc that disease has caused among the noble and heroic soldiers of the South.

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