From the Richmond Dispatch, 11/9/1861, p. 2, c. 2

The Shooting Affair. – An inquest was held on Thursday evening, at the Louisiana Hospital, (Baptist College,) by Alderman Sanxay, aided by High Constable Freeman, over the body of Patrick Holmes, who was shot that morning by Hugh McGinley. Testimony was elicited to show that there had been no previous difficulty between the parties, and that Holmes expressed a hope, before his death, that McGinley would be set at liberty. They were both on guard at the time of the occurrence, and had been talking together in a friendly manner. When McGinley started to go back to his post, his gun, which was under his left arm with the muzzle pointing downward, accidentally discharged, and shot Holmes in one of his legs. The wound was very severe; and the surgeons finding that he could not survive amputation, it was not resorted to, and the man died some four hours after the event. The jury rendered a verdict that Patrick Holmes, the deceased, was shot accidentally by a gun in the hands of Hugh McGinley.

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