From the Richmond Dispatch, 10/9/1861, p. 2, c. 3

A Field for Benevolent Operations. – It is to be hoped that our citizens will need no urging to come promptly forward to the relief of the invalid soldiers who daily arrive in the city. They must not be permitted to suffer for the want of proper nursing and the various comforts indispensable to the recovery of the sick. If the hospitals do not furnish ample accommodations for the purpose, it is the duty of all who are blessed with means to receive them into their private residences, except in cases where the disease is contagious. However much of personal ease we may sacrifice, the reflection of having done a good action ought surely to be a sufficient recompense. We have already alluded to the establishment of three hospitals, by the Georgians, in this city. At the third, which is at Taylor's factory, corner of 24th and Franklin streets, the preparations are incomplete, yet a large number of sick soldiers have unexpectedly arrived there. It is necessary that the managers should be temporarily assisted, and we therefore invite the citizens residing in the neighborhood to send in contributions of suitable food for a few days. Any person who desires to engage in a work of benevolence and humanity, can easily find opportunities of doing so.

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