From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/15/1861 , p. 2

The Hospital on 26th Street . - Since the establishment of this hospital it has done great good to the sick soldiers who have been brought thither from the different encampments located in its immediate vicinity. The ladies and gentlemen resident in its direct neighborhood have been untiring in their exertions to see that the invalids wanted for nothing that kindness could suggest or money buy. This is all very right as far as it goes, but the burthen of care and attention should not be imposed on a few patriotic individuals who happen to live in close proximity to the hospital. As the soldiers who are brought there sick come to fight for all - the inhabitants both of Union and Church Hills individually and collectively - each and all should contribute their might to restore them to health. This course is called for by patriotism and duty both. It is hardly more than necessary to mention this matter, we feel assured, to have it properly and efficiently attended to. The ladies have done themselves all honor by the manner in which they have ministered to the wants of our disabled defenders.

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