From the Richmond Whig, 4/19/1865


Major Gen. E. O. C. Ord, commanding the Department of Virginia. Headquarters at the mansion formerly occupied by Jeff. Davis, corner of Clay and 12th streets - continuation of Governor street. Office in Custom House, second floor - Bank street entrance.

Brig. Gen. M. R. Patrick. Headquarters opposite Gen. Ord's. Office in Custom House, first floor - Bank street entrance.

Major General Casey's headquarters are at the corner of Sixth and Main streets.

Brevet Brig. Gen. John E. Mulford, Agent for the Exchange of Prisoners, has an office at the "Female Institute," corner of Clay and 10th streets - (first floor.)

A Military Commission, of which Major J. L. Stackpole, Judge Advocate, is President, is in daily session in the Hall of Congress for the examination of cases of persons confined by the Rebel authorities.

Major J. L. Stackpole, Judge Advocate of Department of Virginia, office in Female Institute, on Tenth street.

Col. Geo. Suckley, U. S. V., Acting Medical Director of Department of Virginia. Office in Custom House.

Surgeon A. C. Benedict, U. S. V., Surgeon-in-Chief Third Division Twenty-fourth Army Corps and Troops attached, office in Clifton House.

Acting Staff Surgeon Wm. H. Palmer, U. S. A., Post Surgeon, at Stuart Hospital.

Acting Assistant Surgeon Sanders, U. S. A., in charge U. S. Dispensary, corner Broad and Eighth streets.

Major J. C. Paine, Chief Signal Officer. Office in the Female Institute on Tenth street.

Officers are respectfully requested to inform us of any errors or omissions in the above directory.

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