E. S. Gaillard Compiled Service Record, M331, National Archives


RICHMOND, SEPT. 15, 1862.

No. 216.

XXXIV. Surg. E. S. Gaillard is assigned to duty as Medical Director of the Department commanded by Major Gen. G. W. Smith, including all the General Hospitals within the limits of the Department.

The Surgeon General has the same control over these Hospitals that he was over those of other Departments, the proximity of the former not affecting their relations to the Medical Bureau.

Reports of Medical Officers within the Department, will be made through the Medical Director, and all orders or instructions from the Medical Bureau to Officers of that Corps in the Department, will be transmitted through the Medical Director, or the Commanding General.

By command of the Secretary of War.

(Signed.) JNO. WITHERS,
A. A. General.


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