Joseph R. Anderson Compiled Service Record, M331, National Archives

Head Quarters 3d Brigade
Light Divn Camp on Mills’ farm
July 14th 1862

Genl. S. Cooper
Adjt & Inspector General


When I offered my services to the President I told him that I thought I had made arrangements for the performance at the Tredegar Works.

Since then business has been so revolutionized that it has become necessary that we should put in operation Blast furnaces in the interior of the State, to make the Pig Iron for use at the Tredegar Works. Four of these have already been started, each constituting a heavy and responsible Business of itself.

In addition to this there is reason to fear that we shall soon be without fuel unless we make arrangements to mine the coal.

Since these changes have occurred, I cannot doubt as to where I can render most service to the country, for could I do otherwise than give my personal attention to the work, after having been notified, as I have been, by the Gentleman left in general charge, that he cannot continue to discharge the duties [page break] without my personal attention.

I therefore respectfully resign my commission of Brigadier General in the Provl Confederate States Army.

I have the honor to be,
Very respectfully,
Joseph R. Anderson
Brig. Genl P. A. C. States

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