From the National Archives, RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 707-709; "Letters Received and Sent, Chimborazo Hospital. 1861-64." 3 Vols.: Vol. 707. p. 46

Chimborazo Hospital, No. 4
March 14, 1862

          I have the honor to report to you that on the 12th inst. a Mr. Peters, who has been acting as Master of Ambulances, approached me in my sick ward, and stated that he had some negroes who had been employed in Government work and were now on sick list, for whom he was seeking accommodation in Chimborazo Hospital, in accordance with an order from Genl Winder – Said Peters produced no written order and did not profess to have any verbal order specially addressed to me.

          I stated to this Ambulance Master that I could not with propriety receive these servants in No 4, whereupon he became pettish and disrespectful, stating that this Chimborazo Hospital had no head, and was therefore in bad repute with the Medical Department.

         I dismissed him with a few curt remarks, and did not receive the servants in question.

         You will recollect that you had directed me to prepare at once for one hundred soldiers. In obedience to this order I had new cots furnished with new beds & bed clothing, placed in the houses. If I had received the negroes I should have been obliged to give to them these accommodations [page break] to the exclusion of an equal number of soldiers, and to the annoyance of a larger number, as my Hospital buildings are in close proximity. I have no isolated building, fit for negro ward.

         Submitting this matter to your consideration,

I am very respectfully
    Yr Obdt Servt
        Wm. A. Davis, Surg
    in charge Chimborazo No 4

J. B. McCaw
Surg. In Chief
Chimborazo Hospitals

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