In the National Archives:

Record Group 109, (ch. VI, vol. 711). 2 in. Morning Reports of Patients and Attendants, General Hospitals No. 1-4, 7-8, 12-20, 22-23, and 25-27. 1862-65. 1 vol. Daily reports showing the number of patients in hospital, in private quarters, received, returned to duty, transferred, furloughed, deserted, discharged, died, and remaining; the number of medical officers, stewards, nurses, cooks, and laundresses present for duty; and remarks. Arranged by hospital number, thereunder chronologically, and thereunder by State of patient's organization. The dates given are inclusive; not all hospitals have reports for all dates.
Record Group 109, (ch. VI, vol. 468). 1 in. Reports of Surgical Cases, General Hospital No. 12. 1862-63. 1 vol. Narrative reports showing patient's name, rank, organization, age, and civilian occupation; wound or disease; operation or treatment; and history and progress of case. Arranged numerically; there is a name index in the volume.
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