From the Richmond Dispatch, 6/13/1861, p. 2

Prisoners of War. - A squad of Confederate troops arrived in Richmond yesterday from Manassas Junction, having in custody as prisoners of war four of Lincoln's marauders, who were lately caught by some of our forces while attempting a foray on the peaceable inhabitants of Virginia residing near Culpeper C. H. The parties were stout, athletic fellows, and when caught were disguised (as they were yesterday) in a cavalry uniform said to be generally in use by the abolitionists in the employment of the President of the New England and other Northern States. On their arrival here they were carried before the military authorities, who, after a brief examination, sent the four prisoners under guard to the city jail. John Richards, formerly of Alexandria, but for the past few years a resident of Washington, was also brought to Richmond a prisoner at the same time. We know nothing of the grounds of his arrest, but we learn that his friends and relatives live in Virginia, some of them in this city.

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