Geo. W. Semple Compiled Service Record, M331, National Archives

Surgeons Office Prison Barracks
Richmond, Jany 26th 1864

Surgn. Wm. A. Carrington,
Medical Director

In reply to your order of the 25th inst I have to report that Asst. Surgeon Wm. C. Ferguson and J. M. Payne have been assigned to duty in Prison Barracks. Surgn D. S. Watson and Acting Asst. Surgeon R. W. Anderson and T. L. Ingrahm on Belle Isle and Asst Surgn D. M. Clarke to vaccinate all U. S. Prisoners who have not a satisfactory mark of vaccination, from vaccination practiced within the last three years.

Hospital Steward W. B. T. Christian has been assigned the duties of clerk in my office, which fully occupy his time – Hospl Steward W. W. Hubbard, those of apothecary and other duties of a Steward with the prisoners in Barracks and Hospl Stewd W. H. Hill those of Hospl Stewd on Belle Isle. Very respectfully, Your Obt Servt

G. W. Semple, Surgn In
Chg: US Prisoners on Belle Isle & Barracks

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