From the Richmond Dispatch, 6/2/1862, p. 2, c. 2

Yankee Prisoners. – Up to 5 o'clock yesterday evening, about 500 captured Yankees had been received in the C. S. Prison here as part of the results of the battles of Saturday and Sunday. It is a sad commentary on the war to think that for the worthless carcass of each one of these vile scoundrels perhaps the life of a Southern patriot and gentleman was offered up on the bloody altar which fanaticism and fiendish hate has reared in our land. They, each and all, deserve the halter as any thieves or murderers that have fallen victims to the majesty of an offended lay. The following is a list of the officers captured with the precious crew above referred to and brought here: George C. Speer, Lieut. Col. 61st Penn., George F. Smith, Major of do.; Geo. W. Dorson, Capt. Co. C, do.; W. J. McCarter, 1st Lieut. Co. G, 93d Penn.; Sam'l Cuskader, 1st Lieut. Co. D, 32d Penn.; Julius A. Smith, 2d Lieut. Co. B, 85th Penn.; Thomas Y. Baker, Capt. Co. C, 87th N. Y.; G. A. Guernsey, Sergeant Major 93d Penn.; M. Bailey, Captain Co. E, 100th N. Y.; C. F. Gardner, 1st Lieut. Co. F, 100th N. Y.; J. A. Newell, 1st Lieut. Co. D, 100th N. Y.; F. Lynch, 2d Lieut. Co. E, 100th N. Y.; L. Smith, 1st Lieut. Co. D, 96th N. Y.; E. M. Croll, 2d Lieut. Co. E, 104th Penn.; J. H. Nicholls, Capt. Co. C, 96th N. Y.; W. B. Moore, Captain Co. B, 100th N. Y. A number of the prisoners, though classed as Yankees, drew their first breaths over the sea. The man Speer alluded to above received a bullet in the neck. Several of the other officers were also wounded, but not very severely; enough of them, however, were hurt, to give Dr. Higginbotham, Surgeon of Post, a busy time. Prisoners continued to arrive all last night.

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