From the Richmond Dispatch, 11/12/1862, p. 2, c. 1

THE FOLLOWING PERSONS are appointed to collect funds to buy shoes for our soldiers, in Jefferson Ward, and are authorized to collect of any person living in the Ward, or anywhere else, and pay the amount to LUTHER LIBBY, Treasurer for Jefferson ward:
Collectors between Main street and the River.

A Y Stokes,              A Mailert,
L Libby                     Charles Johnson
Rich'd O Haskins     R H Smith
R J Christian,           E A Smith.

Collectors between Grace and Main streets.

P B Price,               J H Pleasants,
Hector Davis,         W J Yarbrough,
N M Lee,                G W Allen,
Alfred King.

Collectors between Broad and Grace streets.

Wm Greanor,         W J Yarbrough,
W B Turpin,           J D Smith,
Charles Talbot,     G D Harwood,
John C Page.

Collectors North of Broad street.

D Von Groning,     John H Wilson,
S M Price,             Cornelius Crew,
Wm Cullingworth,  Hiram Oliver,
T C Burns.

Chairman Jefferson Ward.

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