From the Richmond Dispatch, 10/3/1861, p. 2, c. 4

ATTENTION, MARYLANDERS! – COME ONE, COME ALL. – Col. R. Thomas being a captive in the hands of the Lincolnites, his friends are invited to meet THIS EVENING, on important business. – All are invited. They shall hear the Colonel's views borne to them by Lieut. GEO. W. ALEXANDER. A battalion must be formed. If we cannot go with him, to battle for dear Maryland, we will carry his name there. I propose to raise a body of men, to be called the "Zarvona Zouaves." One of the Colonel's companies is already in the field, armed and equipped. Three more are wanted immediately – appeals to every sort of thing are "played out" – it is now merely a matter of "Will you, or wouldn't you?" There are numbers here who are idle; come and examine – join, and you shall have just as much work as you want. Now we will, or can soon learn how many talkers there are among the Colonel's friends. His plans shall be adhered to. Meet on 10th street, between Main and Cary, two doors below Snead's Locksmith establishment, at 8 o'clock P. M.

G. W. ALEXANDER, Adjutant.

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