List of known soldiers originally buried on Belle Isle, and re-interred in Richmond National Cemetery. This list was compiled from Richmond National Cemetery Records.



Agnew, W. M. CPL CO I 140 PA INF 3A 143 9/13/1863 Richmond
Allen, W. UNK CO F 2ND PHB CAV MD 3A 893 1/3/1864 Richmond
Ashber, C. A. UNK WISC 3A 1095 10/8/1863 Richmond
Baker, M. G. UNK NY 3A 51 unk Richmond
Barry, Michael UNK CO K 99 NY INF 3A 157 9/5/1863 Richmond
Bartholomew, W. UNK CO B 151 NY INF 3A 250 9/24/1863 Richmond
Bates, B. UNK Unknown 8A 1578 unk Richmond
Beardsley, Addison UNK CO K 10TH NY CAV 3A 981 10/3/1863 Richmond
Bell, H. UNK CO D 27 KY INF 3A 50 2/15/1864 Richmond
Bernard, William UNK CO A TENN 3A 776 2/18/1864 Richmond
Bissel, Edwin CPL CO D 5TH INF IOWA 3A 995 12/27/1863 Richmond
Blackburn, R. M. UNK CO E 2ND TENN INF 3A 1086 12/11/1863 Richmond
Brotsche, Adam UNK CO G 173RD NY INF 3A 1083 10/8/1863 Richmond
Burns, John UNK CO D 1ST INF 3A 668 2/5/1864 Richmond
Butcher, L. UNK CO M 7TH OHIO CAV 3A 787 2/7/1864 Richmond
Cabbit, C. UNK CO C 1ST NY 3A 980 4/17/1863 Richmond
Cluts, Jacob DRUMMER Unknown 3A 468 5/5/1865 Richmond
C. M. J. UNK Unknown 8A 1584 unk Richmond
Colclaser, George W. CPL CO L 1ST MD CAV 3A 567 9/20/1863 Richmond
Conlong, T. L. UNK USN 3A 152 8/2/1865 Richmond
Corcoran, M. UNK CO A 28 MASS 3A 1089 12/7/1863 Richmond
Danenhower, Isaac CPL CO M 18 PA CAVY 3A 368 9/11/1863 Richmond
Dawson, David CPL CO H 6TH INF USCT 3A 1080B 4/15/19O9 Richmond
Deaton, Spencer CAPT CO B 6 TENN INF 3A 41 2/19/1864 Richmond
Depper, J. UNK CO F 63RD INF 3A 998 6/4/1864 Richmond
Detrow, Wilk UNK CO D 10 KY 3A 1084 10/14/1863 Richmond
Devine, Jno. UNK CO H 80 NY INF 3A 159 10/13/1865 Richmond
Domer, Joseph UNK CO R 100TH OHIO INF 3A 890 10/7/1863 Richmond
Dreutler, Lewis UNK CO A 80 NY INF 3A 890 10/7/1863 Richmond
Elliott, Elwood UNK CO H 39 IOWA INF 3A 45 12/9/1863 Richmond
Evans, S. W. UNK CO A 14 NY INF 3A 358 unk/28/1864 Richmond
Evans, T. UNK CO D 11 TENN 3A 1091 2/9/1864 Richmond
Fillhauer, W. UNK CO F 107TH INF OHIO 3A 1090 10/27/1863 Richmond
Foltz, J. UNK CO D 8 MD INF 3A 357 5/8/1865 Richmond
Forbes UNK CO I 100 OHIO INF 3A 151 10/7/1863 Richmond
Frank, Henry UNK Unknown 3A 464 1/19/1864 Richmond
Fungas, G. W. UNK CO F 1ST CAV 3A 249 10/11/1863 Richmond
Garrett, B. UNK CO C 84TH IND INF 3A 49 10/4/1863 Richmond
Gibbons, J. B. UNK CO A 81 NY INF 3A 40 unk Richmond
Gillingham, Rob't UNK CO B 73RD INF 3A 575 2/6/1864 Richmond
Goodhue UNK CO C 6 MAINE INF 3A 54 7/1/1863 Richmond
Goodwin, Isaac PVT CO F 5 US ART 3A 58 10/11/1865 Richmond
Gracie, W. W. SGT CO F 46TH PA INF 3A 678 2/8/1864 Richmond
Green, J. UNK CO A 104TH NY INF 3A 471 1/24/1864 Richmond
Greller, A. R. UNK Unknown 3A 246 unk Richmond
Gross, M. PVT CO S 5 MICH CAV 3A 369 9/29/1863 Richmond
Grove, S. W. UNK CO H 45TH INF 3A 1098 2/2/1864 Richmond
Harkness, Freeman UNK CO H 154TH NY INF 3A 993 1/28/1864 Richmond
Harvey, J. UNK Unknown 3A 47 unk Richmond
Hawsey, J. UNK CO H 95TH NY INF 3A 788 2/9/1864 Richmond
Hays, H. UNK CO A 110 OHIO INF 3A 147 9/27/1863 Richmond
Hensley, H. UNK CO A 74 PA INF 3A 352 9/11/1863 Richmond
Himes, M. UNK Unknown 3A 46 unk Richmond
Hoffman, Wm. UNK CO E 11TH INF NJ 3A 671 4/12/1864 Richmond
Hunt, James UNK CO D 7 WISC INF 3A 260 10/12/1863 Richmond
Hunter, J. SGT CO H 48 NY INF 3A 460 9/7/1863 Richmond
Hyers, Alex CPL CO D 148 NY INF 3A 15 9/28/1863 Richmond
Iris, G. UNK Unknown 3A 457 1/20/1864 Richmond
J. F. P. UNK CO A 16 MASS 3A 149 unk Richmond
Johnson, J. D. UNK CO I 125TH INF 3A 999 10/7/1863 Richmond
Kate, Wm. UNK CO G 1ST MICH CAV 3A 983 11/14/1863 Richmond
Ketcham, J. T. LT CO M 4 NY ARTY 3A 350 10/7/1863 Richmond
King, J. B. LT CO G 10 NY CAV 3A 253 7/31/1863 Richmond
Krom, Dubois UNK CO E 80 NY INF 3A 155 9/6/1865 Richmond
Krom, L. B. UNK CO E 80 NY INF 3A 361 7/21/1865 Richmond
Ladon, W. UNK CO G 1ST INF KY 3A 886 1/3/1864 Richmond
Leckington, W. B. UNK Unknown 3A 42 unk Richmond
Leidsinger, W. S. UNK CO D 56TH PA INF 3A 783 2/3/1864 Richmond
Lewis, Henry UNK CO E 119TH PA INF 3A 1085 2/12/1864 Richmond
Liller, Jno. UNK CO I 10TH W VA INF 3A 576 2/1/1864 Richmond
Linet, Charles UNK MICHIGAN 3A 55 unk Richmond
McCluney, A. UNK Unknown 3A 43 12/20/1863 Richmond
Mahoney, P. J. UNK CO D 12TH MASS INF 3A 989 9/8/1863 Richmond
Mason, Jno. UNK CO D 49 ILL INF 3A 252 unk Richmond
Mattison, Alf'd UNK CO W 154TH NY INF 3A 892 10/12/1863 Richmond
Miller, Charles UNK CO M 100TH PA INF 3A 782 6/14/1865 Richmond
Mong, William UNK CO I 28TH ILL INF 3A 578 9/13/1863 Richmond
Moon, John H. UNK CO F 80 NY INF 3A 349 3/27/1865 Richmond
Moser, W. UNK Unknown 3A 355 unk Richmond
Myers, J. L. UNK CO A 8TH PA INF 3A 1096 9/22/1863 Richmond
N. C. J. UNK Unknown 3A 455 8/5/1863 Richmond
Nolenger UNK CO M 18 PA CAV 3A 145 10/6/1863 Richmond
North, James UNK CO K 154TH NY INF 3A 990 9/18/1863 Richmond
Patton, Zim UNK OHIO 34 INF 3A 365 10/30/1863 Richmond
Paul, S. UNK CO A 1ST KY INF 3A 1092 1/5/1864 Richmond
Putts, C. MUS BAND 14TH INF 3A 560 1/29/1864 Richmond
Rice, S. UNK Unknown 3A 53 12/28/1863 Richmond
Rix, S. H. UNK Unknown 3A 255 unk Richmond
Rowe, B. SGT CO 1 MAINE 16 INF 3A 142 9/28/1863 Richmond
Scott, A. W. UNK ENGINEERS 3A 52 unk Richmond
Slack, H. UNK CO H 4TH MAINE INF 3A 1093 10/27/1863 Richmond
Smith, T. J. UNK CO A 7 MICH CAV 3A 248 3/1/1864 Richmond
Starkweather, Wm. UNK CO D 64TH NY INF 3A 987 10/10/1863 Richmond
Stephens, B. UNK CO C 43RD NY INF 3A 887 1/3/1863 Richmond
Summer, J. UNK CO A 7 MICH INF 3A 366 9/26/1863 Richmond
Taylor, Sam'l UNK CO B 100 OHIO 3A 1099 10/20/1863 Richmond
Thompson, William UNK CO A 12 PA CAV 3A 44 3/4/1863 Richmond
Thornton, D. UNK NY 15 3A 259 unk Richmond
Tuttle, C. UNK CO R 20TH IND INF 3A 984 11/17/1863 Richmond
Vududeslin UNK Unknown 3A 466 unk Richmond
Walker, C. M. UNK CO A 7 US INF 3A 141 unk Richmond
Watts, J. UNK CO A MINN 3A 996 1/2/1863 Richmond
Weber, L. UNK CO K 2ND MD INF 3A 570 2/18/1864 Richmond
Wheeler, C. UNK CO F 14TH CONN INF 3A 786 2/17/1864 Richmond
Wige, A. UNK CO F 31 MAINE INF 3A 139 12/13/1863 Richmond
Williamson, Henry SGT CO A 80 NY INF 3A 156 9/22/1865 Richmond
Wittner, P. UNK CO E 12 PA CAV 3A 56 8/6/1863 Richmond
Wolf, P. UNK CO E 1ST TENN 3A 883 1/5/1864 Richmond

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