From the Richmond Whig, 5/12/1864, p. 2, c. 2


Forty-four officers and 891 prisoners privates captured by Gen. Lee, at Parker's Store, on Thursday last arrived in this city Saturday afternoon. Among the officers are 1 Colonel, 2 Majors, 14 Captains and 27 Lieutenants, representing twenty regiment, from Maine, Wisconsin; Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan and Indiana. Two or three of them belong to the regular army. Many of these officers were captured in the fights around Richmond in 1862, and were recognized by Lieut. Shihn, Assistant Provost Marshal in this city, who once had charge of them on Belle Isle. The officers and privates all belonged to the 5th Corps, commanded by Hancock. They are decidedly the best looking and most genteel set of Yankees we have ever seen.

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