From the Richmond Examiner, 6/27/1864

GREAT INFLUX OF PRISONERS. – During Friday, Saturday and yesterday, over three thousand prisoners, including one hundred officers, were received in Richmond from Petersburg, and sixteen hundred more were announced as on their winding way, or ready to come. On Friday seven hundred and fifty six were registered; on Saturday morning one thousand and eighty eight were added, and during the afternoon, three hundred and forty-eight, three hundred and forty-eight, with thirty officers, poured in a dusty, dirty blue stream through the streets. None of the officers were above the rank of Major. The Libby and prisons contiguous are again filled to overflowing. Yesterday, the cry was "still they come," and the shady retreat on Belle Isle had to be thrown open for their accommodation. The appearance of the above two or three thousand impudent wretches on our streets, demonstrates one fact that is as plain as a park staff, and that is too many prisoners are taken, and the facility with which Yankee thieves, murderers, woman ravishers and desolators generally, convert themselves into prisoners of war, covering their craven heads with the shield of mercy is working abominations, and bodes no good for the cause. Who knows but that it is part of Grant's great, comprehensive plan to send a Trojan horse into the city of Richmond in the shape of prisoners of war, who shall consume our food in the time of our necessity, and require strong guards to keep them in subjection when the need of men is sorest at the front.

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