From the Richmond Daily Whig, 10/6/1863

THE ALMS HOUSE. - We are gratified at the action of the City Council in rejecting the application of General Winder for the use of the new Alms House as a prison, and instructing the Committee on the Alms House to endeavor to recover the building from the Surgeon General for the occupancy of the poor. We hope the Confederate authorities will not interpose further objection to the surrender of the building. The city authorities should no longer be compelled to make a pretense of charity by keeping the paupers in an old barn. Let us have an asylum for the poor worthy of the name, or none at all. Moreover, it is very desireable that a workhouse, and reformatory institutes should be established, and this cannot be done until the Council gets possession of the Alms House, one floor of which was designed for these purposes.

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