From the Richmond Dispatch, Wednesday, 7/24/1861 , p. 2

All Right. - The arrest of Dr. George R. C. Todd, of Lexington , Ky. , for supposed disloyalty, which took place on Monday, has been noticed. He was brought before Senior Alderman Sanxay yesterday, and it is but just to him to say that his record as a Southern citizen was proved by the most respectable testimony to be clear and good. He was alluded to as having been arrested for incendiary language and calling high officials "damned traitors." The private citizens who arrested Dr. Todd on their motion and without authority of law, yesterday perfectly exonerated him from the charge. He was honorably acquitted, the parties to the transaction expressing their regrets that it had occurred. The fact that Dr. T. is a brother-in-law of a party hostile to our cause, is no cause for suspicion against him. He came four thousand miles to join in our struggle for independence, and proceeds this morning as a volunteer surgeon to aid the wounded at Manassas . If such actions does not prove his faith stronger than words, we do not know what would. We feel unusual regret whenever the precipitate action of any of our citizens have necessitated statements which are afterwards proved to have had their origin in momentary excitement.

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