From the Richmond Dispatch, 11/30/1861, p. 2, c. 4

Federal Prisoners. – The Central train last evening brought thirty-one prisoners from Manassas, in charge of Lieutenant Raymond Fairfax and a guard of seven men. Twenty-six of these prisoners belonged to the 3d Pennsylvania Cavalry, and were captured on Tuesday last near Occoquan, while on a foraging expedition. It seems that the thieves had secured their plunder in wagons, and were making off, when our men attacked them, killing two, wounding one, and capturing the remainder. Among the number are two sergeants and two corporals. The other five prisoners are, a negro belonging to Mr. Davis, of Fairfax county; Edward Johnson, residing near Dranesville; Wm. H. Williamson, a citizen of Fairfax county; Pat Graham, of Maryland, and Isaac Burrus, of Virginia. There are now 1,483 Federal prisoners in Richmond, not counting seven who were expected last night by the Petersburg train, from North Carolina. A young man named Chandler F. Perry, of the 4th Maine Regiment, who has been officiating as hospital steward, at the prisons, died suddenly yesterday of heart disease. Three other deaths occurred yesterday – John M. Lee, of the 1st Maine Regiment, and Geo. W. Cubbage and Martin Mace, of Hardy county, Va.

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