From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/26/1861, p. 2

Among the wounded prisoners now at the General Hospital , north corner of 2d street, are Captain Shillington and Sergeant McKenzie, of the 79th Regiment, (Highlanders,) whose Colonel (Cameron) was killed in the battle of 21st July; R. M. Shurteff, the sketcher for Frank Leslie's Illustrated News, who was wounded near Hampton and taken prisoner at the time Rawlings was killed by a scouting party of our soldiers; Captain Jenkings, of the Naval Brigade, taken prisoner near Fortress Monroe; and Lieut. Hamblin, of the Scott Life Guard. The latter, who is a tall, likely-looking fellow, and withal very intelligent, is a son of the late well-known actor and manager, Thomas S. Hamblin, who has been seen with acceptance on a different stage by most of our older citizens than the one on which his son lately appeared.

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