From the Richmond Whig, 8/14/1861

THE HOSPITALS. - In our visits to the city hospitals, we find that the lack of assistants is quite apparent. In institutions of this kind there should always be a sufficient force of servants to maintain scrupulous cleanliness. We, therefore, earnestly suggest to the Mayor, the propriety of detailing a portion of the free negro force now employed on the fortifications, for this important service. We believe that the assistance, in nursing and attendance, which many of these men could render at the hospitals, would be instrumental in saving the lives of some of our soldiers.

We again urge the removal of the wounded prisoners, as soon as possible, from the General Hospital, in order that our own men, who are entitled to the first consideration, may occupy this airy and commodious building. There are numbers of the Yankees ho could be easily removed, and those badly wounded could be put together in one wing. Until we hear some good objection to this proposition, we shall urge it again and again.

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