From the Richmond Whig, 2/22/1862, p. 3, c. 3

THE INAUGURATION TO-DAY. - This day, the anniversary of the birth-day of the illustrious "rebel," GEO. WASHINGTON, will be signalized, in this city, by the inauguration of JEFFERSON DAVIS and ALEX. H. STEPHENS, the President and Vice President elect of the Confederate States, by the voice of the people. The Congressional Committee, charged with the duty of prescribing the ceremonies of the occasion, presented a programme, yesterday, in the House of Representatives, from which it appears that Col. Charles Dimmock is to be the Chief Marshal, assisted by four aides.

The Senate will meet at 10 o'clock, pursuant to adjournment, and the House of Representatives at 11½ o'clock, the two bodies will repair to the Hall of the House of Delegates which has been tendered.

At 15 minutes to 12 o'clock, the President and VICE PRESIDENT elect will be conducted to the Hall by the Joint Committee of Arrangements, and be received by the assembly standing. The President of the Senate will occupy the seat on the right of the President elect; the Vice President elect, that on the left of the President; and the Speaker of the House that on the left of the Vice President. It does not appear from the programme that any further ceremony will take place in this Hall, but we suppose that if the weather should prove inclement, the inauguration will be proceeded with in the presence of this assembly.

At half past 12 o'clock, the procession will move from the Hall by the eastern door of the Capitol, to the Washington Monument, in the Square. A platform has been erected at the base of the monument, facing the Governor's House. The procession will be composed of the President and Vice-President elect, attended respectively by the President of the Senate, and Speaker of the House; of the members of the Cabinet, the officiating clergyman, Judge of the Confederate Court, at Richmond, members of Congress, Governors, Judges, etc., etc. Members of the Press ("in a horn") and "citizens generally," will "bring up the rear."

After the President elect, etc., are seated upon the platform, prayer will be offered by the Rt. Rev. Bishop Johns.

The Inaugural Address will then be delivered, after which, the oath will be administered to the President by the Confederate Judge, in Richmond, the Hon. J. D. Halyburton, and the result will be announced by the President of the Senate.

The oath will then be administered to the Vice-President by the President of the Senate, who will also announce the result.

The several legislative bodies will then return to their respective Halls, and the President and Vice President will then be escorted to their respective homes by the Committee of Arrangements.

At night, the President's mansion will be open from 8 to 11 o'clock. It is generally understood that business will be suspended to-day, in the city, at least from 11 to 2 o'clock.

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