From the Memphis (Tenn.) Daily Appeal, 5/18/1862, p. 1, c. 7

INSOLENCE CHECKED. – Some weeks ago a deserter from the Yankee army, named Churchill, was sent to the Libby prison, and put in the same room with other Yankee prisoners. As soon as they found out that he had deserted from their army to join ours they fell upon him and would have beaten him to death but for the timely arrival of the prison police. Churchill has since become a member of Captain Guigon’s battery. On Tuesday he was one of a squad detailed to do duty at the Libby prison. He was posted as sentry at the west end of the building. Immediately on his arrival he was recognized by the Yankees, who assailed him with oaths and all foul language. Churchill stood their abuse stoically for a long time, but at last one of them becoming outrageously insulting in his manner and language, he threw up his musket and fired at the blackguard’s head. The fellow jumped back on seeing the piece elevated, and thereby saved his life. As it was, the bullet narrowly grazed his face and passed through the floor within a few inches or there a prisoner was lying. Churchill was troubled no further. – Richmond Examiner.

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