Robertson Hospital was a small private hospital financially subsidized by Confederate government. It was located in the home of Judge John Robertson on the Northwest corner of 3rd and Main Streets.

Robertson Hospital was open from October 1861 through February 1865 with periods of closing.

The hospital had a capacity of 22 patients with Miss Sally L. Tompkins in charge. Surgeon A. Y. P. Garnett was the surgeon;  John Taylor, steward. Thomas L. Latimer signs as Surgeon in Charge on November 14, 1864 (RG 109, Ch. 6, Vol. 364, p. 169).

The register of patients from Robertson Hospital is preserved at the Museum of the Confederacy.

From Confederate Military Hospitals in Richmond by Robert W. Waitt, Jr., Official Publication #22 Richmond Civil War Centennial committee, Richmond, Virginia 1964.

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