From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/10/1866, p. 1, c. 3

MEETING OF THE CITY COUNCIL. – The regular meeting of the City Council was held in the City Hall yesterday afternoon. Present, Messr. Macfarland, President; Crump, Griffin, Harvie, Lee, Saunders, Epps, Clopton, Crutchfield, Taylor, Mason, and Styll. The minutes of the last meeting were read and adopted.


Mr. Lee, from the Committee on Public Grounds and Buildings, reported that he had had an interview with General Turner concerning the buildings in the Old Fair Grounds. The General informed him that he had received instructions from the War Department to turn the buildings on the lot over to the Sisters of Charity in charge of St. Francis De Sales Hospital.


Mr. Crutchfield from the Commissioners of Streets, offered a report from which several private petitions were granted, and others rejected.


Mr. Lee, from the Committee on Oakwood Cemetery, offered a report; which was read.

The committee had visited the cemetery and found that negroes had been interred on the high grounds in the eastern portion of the cemetery, the ground that had been set apart for family burial places. They gave instructions to the superintendent not to allow any more to be buried there, but to set apart a portion of the grounds in the extreme eastern portion of the cemetery. The committee then entered into the details of the arbitrary proceedings of the military authorities in the burial of the Federal dead from the hospitals without observing the ordinance regulations governing burials in the cemetery. The report of the committee was adopted.

[Remainder of article not transcribed – MDG]

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