From the Richmond Examiner, 7/7/1864, p. 2, c. 2

MAYOR’S COURT – Wednesday, July 6, 1864. - …Mary E. Vanderlip, whose husband is in the penitentiary, and who has just served out herself a term of twelve months in the city jail, was charged with keeping and being the proprietess of a notorious bawdy house, situated in “Highland Row,” Rocketts.

Sarah J. Rose, John C. Dawson, J. M. Boykin and Robert Hulesfort were up, charged with being found in the said house. The character of the house being fully proven by officers Bibb, Adams and Granger, making the arrest, Vanderlip and Rose and Dawson were committed, in default of five hundred dollars security, to be of good behavior; and Boykin and Hulesforth sent to the Provost Marshal, they being soldiers and patients at the Chimborazo hospital. The Mayor in disposing of this hard party, put on his false face of mock virtue, and delivered himself of a lecture in his usual style.

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