From the Richmond Whig, 7/4/1861

THE CITY RAILROAD. - 'Tis "a pity" that the tramway recently laid down in Main street, with such remarkable expedition, should be used only to avert the jolting of heavy wagons, the wheels of which have already crushed in much of the paving on either side of the rails. If we mistake not, the ordinance concerning city railways inhibits the driving of heavy vehicles upon the track; but this by the way. If the company despairs of bringing their road into use until the close of the war, as seems to be the case, let some enterprising person endeavor to lease the road on favorable terms, for a few months, and, if successful, let him put on a couple of cars, to run between 9th street and Rocketts street. The city is now crowded with strangers, and there can be no doubt hat an accommodation like this would yield a handsome profit, if judiciously managed. If cars cannot be made here, we undertake to say that the proprietors of the Union Works, Portsmouth, will construct them of any size or pattern that may be desired.

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