E. S. Gaillard Compiled Service Record, M331, National Archives

RICHMOND, Sept. 20th, 1862,
MEDICAL DIRECTOR’S OFFICE, 12th St. opposite Bank St.


I.   Surgeons of General Hospitals will send to this Office, daily, and at as early an hour as practicable, a copy of the Morning Report of the Hospitals under their charge, with a copy of the Hospital Register for the previous day.

II.   All Provision Returns must be approved by Major S. B. French, Chief Commissary of this Department; such Returns being presented on the 1st 10th and 20th of each month. Special Requisitions for Hospital supplies will only be made, when the condition of the Steward’s Department renders such a course absolutely necessary; such Requisitions must have therein stated the reason for their presentation and must be approved, as herein stated.

III.   All certificates of Disability for Discharge and all applications for furlough will be sent to this Office. Furloughs will be issued by the Adjutant General of this Department, and orders will be returned with such papers, which when presented at the Transport Office will entitle the Soldier to transportation. All certificated, all applications and all official papers whatsoever, to receive attention must be sent (if possible with the Morning Reports,) by an official of the Hospital; and not in any instance by the applicant in person.

IV.   As far as may be beneficial and advisable, applicants for furlough will (for the efficiency of the service,) be transferred to General Hospitals elsewhere. To secure admission into the Hospital designated and to make proper changes when admission would be impracticable, all applications for transfer will be sent to his Office; orders for transfer and transportation will be returned.

V.   Soldiers discharged for duty will be sent with a list giving name, rank, Company and Regiment, to Hospital No. 15, corner Cary and 21st Streets; receipts for them will there be given by the proper Officer. Convalescents requiring either transfer or furlough will be disposed of accordingly; convalescents requiring either transfer or furlough will be disposed of accordingly; convalescents requiring neither transfer nor furlough will be sent to Camp Winder, when on the presentation of the list stated, receipts for them will be given.

VI.   In accordance with Special Order No. 219, from Secretary of War, Surgeons in Charge of General Hospital, will make out and sign the “Soldier’s Discharge” and forward the same with the Certificate of Disability for Discharge, to this Office. The “Soldier’s Discharge” will be approved by the Major General Commanding this Department, and returned to Hospital for delivery to the Soldier.

VII.   Blanks for Pay Rolls, Descriptive Lists and Discharges will be furnished from this Office.

VIII.   All transfers from General Hospitals will be made through this Office.

IX.   When Convalescents are well enough to exercise in the open air, they will be sent to the Winder Hospital, otherwise they will, according to instructions to the Guard, be liable to arrest.

X.   No sick Soldier will be registered at General Hospitals for treatment elsewhere, unless attended by some Medical Officer of the Hospital, or unless his attending Physician vouches, in writing, for his reappearance at the Hospital when fit for duty.

By order of Major General G. W. Smith:

E. S. Gaillard,
Medical Director.

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