From the Richmond Whig, 4/10/1865

POINTS AND OBJECTS OF INTEREST. – There are many points and objects in Richmond interesting to the tourist and artist that would perhaps escape their special attention unless directed by the local press.

The old stone mansion on the north side of Main street, near 20th, was, prior to the days of the Revolution, the boarding house of President Madison during his school-boy days, where he was visited by Washington, Jefferson, and other colleagues and friends. The mansion is in an excellent state of preservation, and the interior only has undergone slight improvement and renovation.

The second, and perhaps as great an object of curiosity and interest, is the large three-story stove in the rotunda of the Capitol, imported from England in the time of the Colonies, and in use ever since – first in the House of Burgesses of Virginia.

The third is the old St. John's Episcopal Church on Church Hill, in which Patrick Henry gave utterance to that remarkable speech in the days of the Revolution – "Give me liberty or give me death!"

The others are the frame building on 9th, opposite Capitol street, in which Patrick Henry kept his law office, and the foster home of Edgar Allan Poe, near the corner of Main and 5th streets. – There are other objects that would be interesting to the curious, but they can easily be found out by those disposed to seek them.

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