From the Richmond Dispatch, 6/5/1861, p. 2

Interesting Incident. - Yesterday afternoon the Vicksburg Southrons, in their visit to Capitol Square, marched around the Washington Monument, each man with uncovered head, and saluted the statue of the great chief and his compeers with becoming reverence. The large number of spectators seemed to sympathize with the motive and the act, for every one was silent, as if invoking the spirit of the mighty dead to look upon and encourage those who now strive to emulate his deeds. It was really an interesting scene, which Scott (who was present at the inauguration of the statue) might have been proud to have participated in.

The company was accompanied on the occasion by Capt. Wm. Y. Sheppard, and by C. B. Luck, Esq., of the Columbian, where the corps was yesterday quartered.

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