From the Richmond Sentinel, 5/25/64

The Virginia Cadets – The Cadets from the Virginia Military Institute paraded on the Capitol square last evening, and were reviewed by President Davis and Governor Smith. Subsequently, having been drawn up in front of the Governor's house, they were addressed by the Governor, who congratulated them on their gallant conduct in the battle of New Market, and spoke feelingly of their loss on that bloody but glorious field. The Governor's speech was replete with patriotic eloquence, and was happily received.

President Davis addressed the Cadets in one of his happiest efforts; in the course of which, referring to the standard carried by them, which was perforated by bullets, be remarked, that the portrait of Washington, which it contained, like its great original, had not been touched by the bullets of the enemy. He also made a beautiful reference to the mountains of West Augusta, where the Cadets had just proved their patriotism and won their laurels, as the place where Washington intended, if unfortunate, to make the last struggle for liberty; and these same mountains had witnessed the dedication and the victory.

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