From the Richmond Examiner, Saturday, 6/21/1862, p. 2

PRISONERS. - Four prisoners were received at the Libby Prison on yesterday. One of these was a Confederate soldier who, for some grave offence, had been sent in from his camp, and one was a citizen of Hanover county, who was arrested last Wednesday under suspicious circumstances: that is, he was near the enemy's lines, and going towards them, and when stopped failed to give a satisfactory explanation of his conduct. The other two prisoners were Yankee regulars, captured on Thursday, the 19th, in the county of Caroline, by a scouting party. They didn't know when, how, where, or by whom, they had been made prisoners. They are stupid to a degree, being unable to give any account of themselves. All they knew was that they had been surrounded, captured, and sent to Richmond.

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