From the Richmond Whig, 1/9/1865, p. 2, c. 6

ABSCONDING SLAVES CAPTURED. – Detectives Reece and Jones being out on the Nine Mile road on business on Saturday night, when near Rural Shades, about three and a half miles from the city, overhauled two market carts loaded with fugitive slaves. The carts belonged, one to W. E. Tyler, of Hanover, and the other to Robert Sedgwick, of the same country. The drivers of the carts and all the absconding slaves were secured. An attempt to rescue the party was made by some white men, one of whom snapped a pistol at Reece, but the courage and firmness of the detectives succeeded in securing their prisoners. The following is a list of the captured slaves: John, slave of Bentley Wicker, Hanover; Aaron, slave of Neil McCurdy, Richmond; James, slave of Mrs. Goodwin, Caroline; Edwin, slave of Alfred Dickerson; Peter, slave of Mrs. Bat Tomlin; Lucy Richards, slave of Mrs. E. P. Lyons; and Emma Jane Maxwell, slave of Mrs. Susan Bailey. – The negroes had along bread, bacon and whisky enough to last them a week.

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