From the Richmond Sentinel, 5/11/1863, p. 1, c. 7

More Yankees Received at Libby Prison. – Saturday, after the arrival of the Central cars, Capt. Turner received by train 23 of the Cavalry raiders taken in Orange county, in the vicinity of Raccoon ford; also 30[?] others taken by Gen. Jones, near Bridgeport; by Capt. Mosby, near Markham, and by the Blackhorse company near the Warrenton Junction. Most all of the last named were cavalry; before the names of the prisoners were taken, the R. F. & P. Railroad train brought 21 officers, including one Lieut. Colonel and 88 privates, and before assigning them to their apartments a black cloud of Yankee prisoners that had marched from Guiney's Station, reaching from the prison on Cary street along 20th to Main, and up Main to 12th street, twenty-one hundred in number. Several of the prisoners report that their time is out and they were to be mustered out of service May 10th. – The Yankee prisoners that reached this city Saturday were quartered in the large building nearly opposite the Libby prison. They represented the States of Connecticut, New Jersey, Vermont, New York, and most of the Yankee States, and some hail from Virginia. We have the pleasant assurance that they will stay here but a short time.

Another instalment of 1,200 were received yesterday, from Gen. Lee's forces, and there are still more on the way.

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