From the Richmond Dispatch, 6/18/1862, p. 1, c. 7

Oakwood Cemetery. – This new and beautiful "city of the dead," in the eastern suburbs of the city, is rapidly filling up. In addition to the large number of citizens who have selected it as the burial place of departed relatives, it has been chosen as the spot on which to inter the remains of our brave volunteers who die in Richmond of sickness or wounds.—In future, beside the reverence due it as the last resting place of many of our own citizens, it will become the Mecca of all visitors, because when the names of the honored dead are spread on the monumental tablet, there is hardly any resident of the Confederate States who will not be able to recognize among them one whom they have known in happier, if not better, days. Oakwood Cemetery is located near Blakey's millpond — a locality too well known to need description, being between the commencement of the New Bridge and Williamsburg roads. Nature has done a great deal for it — art nothing at all; yet no doubt time will reveal it hereafter as the favorite of both. Nobody could wish a more delightful resting place, "when life's troubled dream is o'er," than this. Our troops are now encamped all around it.

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