From the Richmond Dispatch, 7/19/1862, p. 3, c. 1


It has already been announced that negotiations were pending between the Confederate and Lincoln Governments, having for their object some agreement relative to a general exchange of prisoners of war respectively hold by them. Though the forms of the agreement made between the parties have not transpired, it is known that in pursuance of our Government commenced on yesterday to ship to McClellan all of his wounded new in our possession. The mortality among them has been considerable, as many as twenty alone dying on Thursday night. A flag of truce will leave this morning, and going hence to City Point will deliver up all the Yankee Surgeons. The wounded men and officers will go by the York river railroad, and he received on board of Yankee vessels anchored twelve miles below Drury's Bluff. None of these not wounded will be sent off till all their disabled comrades are gotten rid of. The batch of wounded that departed yesterday left in charge of an Army Surgeon, who was duly empowered to hand them over to the enemy. The following Federal officers and nurses were among the wounded who were permitted to return home yesterday: [the following list is very hard to read – MDG]

Surgeons Jas P. Priss, D. M. Dungal, C. S. Newlin, Adam Tras, H. Beatley, W. W. Petter, J. D. Brumley, J. A. Freeman, D. B. Dickinson, W. P. Russell, J. G. Walsett, and Hospital Stoward M. A. Cleland. Maj. W S , Maj. M Clite, Capt. P. J. Smith, 1st Lt. D. L. Montgomery, Capt. Jas. Grenan, Capt. Jas. P. Speel, 2d Lt G F Raleigh, Priv G F Nichols, Capt J Tunin, Jas M Gilbert, bugler, 2d Lt J M Sprague, 1st Lt W D Wright, 2d Lt G B Wood, Capt P W Stanhope, Private B Fitzpatrick, Priv R Duvell, 2d Lt G J Brown, Capt G Mallery, Capt S J Thompson, 1st Lt Re Alien, Jr, 2d Lt M Carter, 2d Lt M Hatch, 1st Lt L McD Smith, Maj H G Ryerson, 1st Lt W M Midridge, 2d Lt J P Stains, Capt D T Corbia, Col C Charles, Capt W C BessHever, Capt H Nuda, 2d Lt B A Leverbury, 2d Lt Jno Doherty, Maj G A Weedward, 1st Lt J Lohman, 1st Lt G P Lamont, 1st Lt P Kennedy, 2d Lt W J Patterson, Capt F L Knight, 1st Lt W V S Robinson, 2d Lt L B Casiwad, 2d Lt S H Balley Drum Maj M Pike, Captain. The D Hern, 2d Lt Jas Mark nany, Captain J H Pestelle, Capt A Reid, 2d Lt F Jacob, 2d Lt D H McMickin, Capt One Heyne, Capt Chas Blecket, Capt D N Delta, 1st Lieut A Mellin, 1st Lieut M A Hurger, Capt B R Jenne, 1st Lieut John Fulford, Capt M R Edwards, 1st Lieut W M Diddle, Captain Wm Brian, Capt John McCleary, 1st Lieut D McFadden, 2d Lieut J B Roberts, Capt John Cuthbertsen, Capt Thos Chamberlain, 2d Lieut Jas Drows, Capt H R Hewlett, Capt J M Whetry, Captain S B Mathews, H A Barmem, Capt G W Trussdill, Sergt-Maj H C Peek, 2d Lieut W S Walron, 2d Lieut. B H Barber, Capt W W White, 2d Lieut J C McGuman, 1st Lieut C A Woodruff, 1st Lieut A King, Capt T Bageley, Capt W Bjerg, 1st Lt G A Washburne, 1st Lt G A Melville.

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