From the Richmond Whig, 6/19/1865, p. 2, c. 5

THE WRECK OF THE PATRICK HENRY, late a Confederate war steamer and school ship, but which was burned and blown up upon the evacuation of the city by the Confederate States forces, lies in the river opposite the lower wharf, Rocketts, where its presence is creating a shoal of sand which will seriously interfere with navigation if not stopped from chocking up the channel. The wreck ought to be removed. We learn further that the obstructions opposite Drewry’s Bluff still remain in a great measure, only a small portion of them having been removed. At the pontoon of piles above the bluff, a few feet have been cut away, sufficient to admit the passage of vessels and steamers. – Few, however, get up without direct stern towing, towing by the side not being possible. The channel should be cleared by all means.

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