From the Richmond Dispatch, 5/30/1863, p. 1, c. 3

Army vote.

At Drewry's Bluff, Smith's majority over Flournoy is 70; over Munford, 91. Imboden over Price, 39. For Congress: Gholson has a majority of 53 over Collier. A few votes were cast for Congress in the 2d district at this point. Of these, Godwin received 21; Mahone, 15; Parham 1. For the State Senate, 7th district, Adams has a majority of 70 over Jones, his highest competitor.

In the first battalion, Va. artillery, Munford's majority over Flournoy is 17; over Smith, 23. Price over Imboden, 11.

In the 32d Va. regiment, Lyons has a majority of 7 over Wickham.

The following is the refugee vote taken at the Court-House in Petersburg, and at the Model Farm barracks:

Second Congressional Distract.--Gen'l Wm Mahone, 39; Rev. Thos Hume, 24; R H Whitfield, 16; D J Godwin, 1.

Third Congressional District--At Court-House: Jas Lyons, 2; W C Wickham, 1. At Model Farm: Jas Lyons, 3; W C Wickham, 21.

Hanover Junction, May 28.--The following is the vote of the army at this place to-day. In Armistead's brigade, Pickett's division, Flournoy, for Governor, receives 150 majority over Smith; Kemper's brigade, same division, Smith receives 200 majority over Flournoy.--For Congress, (2d district,) Col. D. J. Godwin receives in the 9th regiment, (Armistead's brigade, Pickett's division,) 21 majority, over the next highest candidate; in the 3d regiment, same division, Godwin receives, with one or two exceptions, all the votes.

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