From the Richmond Sentinel, 5/17/1864, p. 2, c. 5

Yankee Officer. – The following Yankee officers were received at the Libby early yesterday morning, having been captured in the gallant charge of our troops on the enemy's defenses near Drewry's Bluff:

Brig. Gen. C. A. Heckman, 1st Brigade, 1st Corps, 2d division. Col. H. C. Lee, Lieut. Col. W. G. Bartholomew, Capt. J. H. Nutting, Co. C.; Capt. R. R. Swift, Co. G.; Lieuts. J. L. Skinner, W. G. Davis, Justice Lyman, Adjutant W. P. McManus, and John R. Ladd, all of the 27th Massachusetts regiment; Capt. Edgar Kassum, Lieuts. John M. Drake, George Peters, 9th New Jersey; Capt. A. R. Willis, 8th Maine.

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