From the Pittsburgh Gazette, 7/17/1862

A Letter from Gen. McCall.

Gen. McCall has at length been heard from. His wife has received a letter from him, in which he states that he is a prisoner in Richmond, uninjured. He was struck in the breast by a spent ball, the effects of which were but temporary. The General also sends word that he is quartered for the present at the “Spotswood House,” the principal hotel in Richmond, and, that thus far he has been kindly treated. His capture is accounted for as follows: He had posted one of the regiments of his division in a particular locality, and during his absence it was moved without his orders or knowledge. When he returned from another part of the field, the place was occupied by a rebel regiment, and it being dark he rode into the midst of the enemy, was surrounded and carried to Gen. Lee’s headquarters as a prisoner of war.

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