From the Richmond Enquirer, 12/19/1862

THE CAPTIVE OFFICER FROM FREDERICKSBURG. - The following are the names of the Abolition officers captured before Fredericksburg, and brought to the city on Wednesday evening, as ______ yesterday:

Captain C F Rogers, Co F, 15th NY
1st Lieut John F Grath, Co F, 15th NY
2nd Lieut Wm __gess, Co F, 15th NY
Captain C W Owsten, Co A, 9th PA
Captain C Mover, Co C, 10th PA
2nd Lieut A. M. Gilkey, Co K, 10th PA
2nd Lieut H. J. Howe, Co I, 10th PA
2nd Lieut C. D. Jenkins, Co C, 1st PA
2nd Lieut John P. Pierre, Co A, 122nd PA
2nd Lieut J. A. Willoughby, Co G, 5th PA
1st Lieut U. D. Eddy, Aid-de Camp to Gen. Hooker.

The following wounded Abolition officers, brought to the city a few evening since, from the same field, are in the Libby Hospital:
Major Frank Zentmeyer, 5th Pa; Capt John Ayre, Co H, 15th Me.; Capt Wm. Bryan, Co E, 3rd PA; Capt A J Bowler, Co H, 12th PA; Capt C D Sheffle, Co D, 5th PA; T McMartro, Adjutant 12th PA.

There are now in the Libby prison seven hundred Abolition prisoners, captured before Fredericksburg, including eighteen officers. Two hundred of these are in the hospital, all badly wounded with shot, shell and sabre cuts, in every part of the body and in every conceivable way, giving testimony of the good service of our gallant men on the heights of Fredericksburg.

The prison contains now altogether one thousand and fifty abolition prisoners of war.

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