From the Richmond Enquirer, 12/16/1862

THE WOUNDED IN THE CITY. - On Sunday, 837 of the wounded from Fredericksburg arrived by the Fredericksburg train, and 300 on yesterday. But few cases require operation, and only one has died as yet. The wounded, as they arrive, are taken to the Receiving Hospital, (Seabrook's Warehouse) and from there transferred in due order to the several State hospitals, a plan which at once obviates all confusion, and properly distributes the patients among the entire medical staff.


Below we annex a complete list of the soldiers wounded in the recent fight near Fredericksburg, who arrived in this city on Friday night last, and were carried to Seabrook's Ware House:



Private W H Stiff, Co H, 55th.
Private G Morrison, Co K, 6th.
Private R T Barton, Co C, 19th.
Private J Liles, Co B, 18th.
Private W Moon, Co I, 18th.
Private W P Jessee, Co F, 28th.
Private C W Danniels, Co F, 13th Cav.
Private F M Holland, Co I, 13th Cav.
Private E S Hight, Co K, 14th.
Private J R Cundiff, Co B, 14th.
Private W Chandler, Co K, 14th.
Private J M Tone, Co B, 19th.
Private J H Robertson, Co B, 19th.
Private S Dannis, Co C, 13th Cav.
Private H L Smith, Co C, 13th Cav.
Serg't J R Farlones, Co G, 14th.
Private J R Nichalson, Co C, 13th Cav.
Private F Madison, Co F, 19th.
Private W F Fia, Co H, 51st.
Private J M Black, Co H, 57th.
Private R Overfelt, Co F, 57th.
Private J Jewell, Co D, 15th.
Capt J A Edmonds, Co D, 15th Cav.
Private R Ward, Co I, 15th Cav.
Capt G W Cook, Co G, 15th Cav.


Private J W Pully, Co C, 24th.
Private J W Aycock, Co D, 24th.
Private J H Lidsay, Co A, 5th.
Private W Carswell, Co F, 6th.
Private J Hanson, Co G, 19th.
Private D M Baker, Co I, 2nd.
Private B Candrell, Co I, 57th.
Private J P Sales, Co G, 54th.
Private W Sauls, Co D, 54th.
Private J E Stancell, Co D, 54th.
Private J Fields, Co F, 3rd Cav.
Private W Wood, Co G, 54th.
Private R Hanner, Co I, 3rd Cav.
Lieut. L Crawford, Co A, 57th.


Private W E Parker, Co A, 15th.
Private J A Hobby, Co G, 3rd.
Private A J Tapp, Co A, 3rd.
Lieut N H Jenkins, Co C, 3rd.
Private J L Davis, Co A, 3rd.
Lieut. T A Deal, Co F, 2nd.
Private P M Duncan, Co C, 1st.


Private J Craft, Co D, 8th.
Thomas Miyell, Co K, 8th.
Private J N Fulding, Co A, 8th.
Private T W Harper, Co B, 8th.
Private W T Swails, Co E, 8th.
Private E Curl, Co C, 8th.
Lieut J J Acaster, Co I, 8th.
Private H Lewis, Co K, 8th.
Private D Sanders, Co C, 8th.
Private J Manley, Co K, 8th.
Private C Roberts, Co I, 8th.
Private G W Smith, Co K, 8th.
Private J P Bracwell, Co G, 8th.
Private C Othelo, Co I, 8th.
Lieut E G Jandon, Co I, 8th.
Capt J McCaw, Co B, 8th.


Private H J Kampson, Co E, 28th.
Private J H Tarpley, Co A, 44th.
Private B Tatem, Co B, 17th.
Capt C W Mathews, Co M, 17th.
Private W D Chapman, Co C, 17th.
Private J T Loyd, Co K, 8th.
Private M M Nicholson, Co K, 8th.
Private J Darby, Co A, 17th.
Private A Carpenter, Co B, 8th.
Private W J Bering, Co D, 14th.
Private R N R Robinson, Co I, 16th.
Private J Stephens, Co E, 26th.


Private J Morgan, Co C, 6th.
Private J Jones, Co H, 8th.
Private J Purts, Co K, 8th.


Private S Miller, Co C, 48th.
Private A A Jones, Co I, 14th.
Private J A Hodnett, Co K, 4th.
Private J A Baines, Co F, 14th.


Private C S Worsham, Co E, 4th.
Private H Harrison, Co I, 4th.
Private H Dansby, Co F, 4th.


Lieut Q D Finley, Co A, 18th.
Lieut W Baskin, Co K, 18th.
Private J H Ocain, Co G, 18th.
Serg't J F Pruett, Co D, 18th.
Private G Allen, Co E, 18th.
Private B Sellers, Co E, 13th.
Private G E Eaves, Co E, 13th.
Private N P Russell, Co K. 21st.
Private J A Bennett, Co K, 18th.
Private N Helm, Co K, 18th.
Private J C Williams, Co K, 18th.
Serg't C C Canthen, Co G, 18th.
Serg't J H Leblance, Co G, 18th.
Private W F Pattey, Co A, 13th.
Serg't J H Carnwell, Co A, 13th.
Private W Penn, Co B, 18th.
Private G W Godfrey, Co E, 19th.
Private J Divale, Co D, 13th.
Private J H Thompson, Co H, 13th.
Private T J Naron, Co H, 13th.
Private H J Hurley, Co C, 17th.
Private J J Hardin, Co K, 17th.
Private J H Kelley, Co K, 17th.
Private J H Alexander, Co K, 13th.
Private T M Campbell, Co C, 17th.
Lieut G W Price, Co K, 17th.
Private G M Lynch, Co K, 17th.
Corp'l C Grammer, Co K, 17th.
Private E M Grammer, Co K, 17th.
Private D J Cullier, Co B, 31st.
Private H Strong, Co I, 21st.
Private J Schneckenburg, Co B, 17th.
Private F M Carter, Co G, 13th.
Private T J Tedwell, Co C, 17th.
Private S S Dynch, Co B, 17th.
Private J R Holt, Co A, 21st.
Private R N Ousley, Co G, 21st.
Lieut J B Clayton, Co G, 17th.
Private J Brady, Co A, 18th.
Corp'l W F M Dongal, Co E, 17th.
Private S D Knapp, Co D, 17th.
Serg't A D Lawder, Co G, 21st.
Private W J Hughes, Co F, 21st.
Private J J Crain, Co C, 18th.
Private P W Murphy, Co I, 17th.
Private B Hurst, Co G, 21st.
Lieut W E Smith, Co G, 17th.
Private G W Smith, Co G, 17th.
Private Z W Cannon, Co C, 17th.
Private N Anthony, Co G, 21st.
Private W G Hent, Co E, 13th.
Private T J Hunt, Co E, 13th.
Serg't W H Eason, Co I, 17th.
Private J Yeser, Co A, 21st.
Private J W Wetherly, Co I, 17th.
Private W J Lusk, Co I, 17th.
Private E Mount, Co A, 41st.
Private J J Barnard, Co K, 13th.
Private J M Oneal, Co E, 13th.
Private J L Tenly, Co C, 18th.
Private D A Cole, Co G, 13th.
Private J C Fields, Co I, 21st.
Private J L Smith, Co G, 17th.
Private J G Williams, Co E, 18th.
Private J Maulin, Co L, 21st.
Capt G Green, Co L, 21st.
Private R H Harrington, Co H, 13th.
Private J Cronin, Co L, 21st.
Private S D Brewton, Co D, 17th.
Private J O'Connor, Co B, 18th.
Private M Harris, Co C, 8th.

The above are from Fredericksburg. Most of them are seriously wounded, and three died last night, viz:
Private W E Smith, Company G, 17th Mississippi.
Private J C Cullier, Company B, 21st Mississippi.
Private J Moldin, Company N, 21st Mississippi.

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