From the Richmond Dispatch, 12/16/1862, p. 1, c. 2


On Sunday night the Fredericksburg cars brought down eight hundred and thirty seven wounded officers and men, who were conveyed to Seabrook's Warehouse, and thence distributed to the various hospitals to which they appropriately belonged.—Three hundred more were expected by the train last night. We learned on inquiry, that the wounded are generally getting along excellently.—But few amputations or operations were required. These, together with the dressing of the wounds, were performed at the Receiving Hospital. The wounded men were all as cheerful as men could be under such circumstances. Most of the wounded officers coincide in the opinion that the Abolition forces do not now fight with that vim that used to distinguish them. At one time, during Saturday's fight, a whole brigade of the enemy stampeded on the first fire from our brave men. Up to last night there had been but seven deaths in the Receiving Hospital since the wounded had commenced arriving.

We append a list of a portion of the officers and men received there Sunday night: Col W H Cook, 11th Ala, wounded in right hand; Lieut J J Walker, co E, 46th N C, face; Lt Wm of Tuck, co K, 3d Va. left side; Lt T G Crawford, co B, 26th Ga, foot; Lt W Hamilton, Phillips's Ga Legion, left breast; H C Wardell, co G, 2d Va, arm; Sgt W W Ward, co J, 44th Va, left shoulder, W B Sullivan, co D, 44th Va, arm; J H Rakes, co B, 42d Va, right shoulder; Capt G D Wilcox, co A, 61 Ga; J W Perkins, co F, 44th Va, head; Lt J W Pettus, co C, 37th N C, head and knee; W Barratt, co H, 31 Va, arm; R. Wadren, co H, 44th Va, head; Capt W B Matthews, co G, 49th Va, shoulder; Lt T S B Tucker, Law's brigade, knee; W D Coffee, co F, 49th Va, hand; Capt J Sands, co A, 27th N C, head; D A Robertson, co--,10th Va, lame; Capt W H Goodwin, co K, 48th N C, face; Lt M C Reger, co B, 25th Va; J P Bryant, co A, 47th Va; Wm H Mullen, Purcell battery; Duncan Stephens, co A, 2d Va.

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