From the Richmond Dispatch, 8/20/1862

Lieut. Thos. P. Turner, who for some months past has filled acceptably the post of commandant of the C. S. prison in Richmond, has been ordered by Gen. Lee to report at Lynchburg, Va., as Provost Marshal of that place. It has been found by experience that that point is used as a place of assemblage by deserters, and it is hoped that by placing Lynchburg under martial law, with an efficient and diligent officer in charge of affairs there, many men who now sneak away from their duty may be restored to the army. The execution of one or two deserters lately, and the prospective death of one or two now under sentence, may stop the unseemly practice altogether. The C. S. prison here will be turned over to Major Elliott, of the City Battalion, and be under the immediate command of Captain Henry Wertz [Wirz], Assistant Provost Marshal of Manchester.

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