From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, 3/28/1915, p. 7, c. 4


To the Editor of The Times-Dispatch:

Sir, – Just fifty years ago to the very day, the writer remembers, Major James Pegram was drilling a “squad” of his negro soldiers on a vacant lot just above Henrico County Courthouse, lower Main Street. I was returning to the camp of the Third Howitzers from a brief “leave of absence,” and came unexpectedly upon the handsome and very attractive looking major and his new sort of Confederate soldiers. These latter looked well and were learning fast. On reaching camp the report I made to the “boys” caused a sensation, I can tell you. Just here I would like to enquire if there is one other survivor of those times who saw these Confederate negro soldiers at drill? Some weeks before I remembered hearing General W.C. Wickham make a fine speech in the Confederate Congress against the enlistment of the negroes. The old “war news” was held and still holds, the stage splendidly, but oh! the sadness of it now!

Sutherlin, Pittzylvania County, Va.
March 19, 1915.

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