From the Richmond Dispatch, 1/17/1863, p. 2, c. 3

Prison Items. – The following subjects were placed in Castle Thunder on yesterday for the offences placed opposite their names, viz: Wm Connell and Thos Dobson, horse stealing; Pat Chapman, substitute and deserter; Wm H Nash, co G, 9th Georgia, deserter; Benj Peddle, co H, 1st Va, by order Gen Winder; Rich’d Lined, by Capt Pegram; Thos Williams, alias Mike Burns, co D, 3d Virginia cavalry, deserter; Joe Price, (negro) sent by General Wise; Moses Overton, General Lee’s Body Guard, desertion; John O’Donnell, conscript; B E Dillon, Jesse Link, 24th Virginia; Fleming Pugh, 54th Va; S Hale, 57th Va; H W Farmer, Wise battery; J Q A North, do; James Gibson, 7th N C; G R King, 50th Va; Henry Goin, do; Thos H Doss, 42d Va; G W Richardson and J Q Adams, Danville artillery; W N Owens, Lee battery; J W Olive, 21st Va; Thos Johnson and R B Mars, Lee battery; Jonathan Link, 24th Va; Jonas Bird, Va Zebe’s; Cary Martin, co E, 48th Va; Henry Delony, co I, 38th Va; James Jenkins, do; John Lynch, 48th Va; Enoch Brady, co A, 5th N C; and Samuel Gatlin died in the Hospital prison yesterday. Eighty soldiers will be sent from there this morning to Longstreet and Jackson’s corps.

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