From the Elizabeth Van Lew papers, Virginia Historical Society

1. [Calling card, reading “D. H. Todd, 1st Lt. C.S.A.”]

D. H. Todd was the brother of Mrs. Abraham Lincoln & early in the war had charge of the Prisons. You will see the name of Genl. Winder on the other side. He wrote & gave me this scrap of paper to introduce me to Lieut. Todd.

E. J. V. L.


Dec. 12th 1861

Will Dr. Gibson please permit Miss Van Lew to see Mrs. Ricketts

Jno H. Winder
Brig. Gen


Jany 14, 1867

My dear Miss Van Lew

     There is no lady in the Country whom I would rather meet than yourself. I retain a lively sense of your patriotism and fidelity to the Country [page break] in her darkest hours.

I shall not be in Washington under about 15 days, when it will give me great pleasure to serve you if in my power.

Yours truly

Benj. F. Butler


Richmond, Jan 24, 1861

My dear Miss Van Lew,

     The Secretary of War declined to act on your application, & referred it to Genl Winder. If I can see Genl. Winder, I will try to get him to grant your request.

The custard was very nice, & many thanks to you. I borrowed some cups from an eating house near by, & bought some crackers; so that it was eaten in fine style.

Truly yours,

A. T. Bledsoe

[on verso]

Custard which had been refused to sick prisoners & returned.

God help us - We were cruel indeed to our prisoners.

E. L. Van Lew

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